Are you getting results? There are several reasons you might not be getting the traction you’re looking for. Here are 3 reasons to consider:

– Programming
– Consistency
– Intensity


You can follow a program or workout video you find online, but they are not created to be one size fits all. Training to improve strength is very different from training to cut down body fat. Programs may look very similar but it’s the differences that make or break hitting your goals.

Solution: Meet with a certified professional like one of our personal trainers for a complimentary consultation to make sure you are going in the right direction or redirect if not.


Showing up regularly is 80% of getting results. It’s the compounding nature of creating a habit that in turn creates change. Even if you’re not working out perfectly, you will make gains in strength, muscle, and changes in body fat.

Solution: Have an accountability partner, find a friend, or a peer at the gym to meet with on a regular schedule. Or put money on it! Hire a personal trainer to keep you accountable and maximize the time and effort you are putting into yourself.


Are you working hard enough? Perhaps you are working too hard. If you’ve got the right programming, following it consistently, and you may have made some progress but seems to have plateaued, it could be an intensity issue. Working out without enough intensity won’t trigger changes in your body. Too much intensity could cause damage. It’s also possible you aren’t getting enough rest in to allow for properly recovery, which can affect progress.

Solution: To boost intensity, exercise with a personal trainer, partner, or in group classes that align with your goals to motivate you to increase your effort. To reduce intensity, add an extra day of rest or include low intensity days into your schedule. A professional personal trainer can help adjust intensity to optimize progress moment to moment during your workouts and make recommendations outside the gym to keep you moving forward, even on days when you feel like you are moving backwards.