Revolutionize Your Fitness Experience with Innovative Fusion Classes at Fuse Fitness

Discover a dynamic approach to fitness at our gym, where our fusion classes blend fitness with fun to cater to all levels. Whether you’re exploring a new type of movement or seeking an invigorating workout, our classes are designed for everyone, with no prior experience needed. Engage in a variety of sessions ranging from TRX Total Body Circuit, Dance Cardio, to Booty Barre & Core Fusion, and more, each combining different disciplines to provide unique and effective workouts. With options like Glutes & Guns, Bollywood Dance, Zumba, and Mindful Taichi, there’s something to spark everyone’s interest. Our special series classes, like Intro to Burlesque Fusion, add an extra flair, inviting participants to unleash their playful side. Join us to elevate your fitness journey in an environment where equipment, duration, and style are tailored to ensure an enriching experience.

Explore Our Three Unique Class Types

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Fusion Classes

These innovative fusion classes combine the best of both worlds – fitness and fun! Designed for all fitness levels, whether you want to try a new type of movement or just get in an amazing workout, these classes are for you, no previous experience necessary.

Recovery Yoga

A slower paced yoga class to allow us to deepen into the
sensations of our body designed for all levels.


1 Hour

Burlesque Fit Fusion

A class designed to get fit and feel sexy
while revealing yourself to you


1 Hour

Booty Barre & Core Fusion

Improving strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination with movement that target your core, glutes, legs, arms and back

Chair, Mat, & Weights

1 Hour

Boxing Strength Fusion

Exercises for sculpting and toning your lower body and arms, while also improving your posture, balance, and endurance

Weights & Bands

45 Min

Belly Dance Fusion

Belly dance, flamenco, Indian classical, hip hop.
Perfect for those wanting to learn some new dance styles


1 Hour

Bollywood Dance

Classical dance forms including traditional Indian, folk, salsa,
belly-dance, hip hop, jazz and funk.


45min – 1 Hour


A fun and easy workout that feels like a dance party!
Fusing Cardio &, Latin-inspired Dance


45 Min – 1 Hour

Mindful Tai chi

Improving balance, strengthening bone density, lowering blood pressure, reduce arthritis inflammation, & stabilizing blood sugar


1 Hour

Fit Flow Yoga

A vinyasa based yoga flow class to lengthen and strengthen our muscles and minds


1 Hour

Heels Choreo

Want to learn a fun mini combination that you can
take to a dance floor anywhere?


45 Min

Heels Technique

Do you love Heels Dancing and want to level-up? This technique class will make your choreography shine!


1 Hour

Bellyfit® Flow

Get ready to shimmy, stretch, and sweat your way to a
happier, healthier you with Bellyfit Flow


45-60 Min

Bellyfit® Fusion

It’s perfect for those who want to move, groove, and get their heart racing
without feeling like they’re auditioning for some reality TV show


45-60 Min

Special Series

Embark on a transformative fitness journey with our ‘Special Series’ classes at Fuse Fitness. These unique 6-week courses offer a structured, progressive experience, allowing you to build skills and improve steadily with each session. Designed for dedicated attendance, each class builds upon the last, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive growth in your fitness journey. Perfect for those seeking a targeted approach to their fitness goals, our ‘Special Series’ classes invite you to commit, engage, and evolve over an immersive six-week span. See below for our current offering!

Single Intro Class - Heels Series

Single Intro to Heels -This is a 45-minute introductory class that gives you a taste of what Heels is all about. You will learn the elements of Heels. You will start with a dance-inspired warm-up, then follow with a mini routine that will boost your confidence, and finish with a cool-down. No dance experience required. All fitness levels are welcome.

Heels Series

Our heels series will repeat and extend a piece of choreography over several classes. This allows us to go deeper with the movements, improve our technique, and find our story and emotions within the dance. This class is recommended for those with some Heels experience and pre-registration is required.

Custom Programs

With our guided programs, we’ll work with you through specifically tailored plans to meet your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, gain strength, or enhance your lifestyle, we have a program that will fit your unique needs and preferences.


Take the first step towards a healthier you!

Ready to begin your fitness journey, but unsure of where to start? We know that when it comes to fitness, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. We’ve created this package to help you ease back into a fitness routine and motivate you to continue!

Our 2 Week Introductory Package includes:

  • UNLIMITED access to our studio
    & drop-in style fusion classes
  • A 1:1 Goal setting session and assessment
  • 1 Buddy pass for the opportunity to bring a friend to the class or workout of your choosing

Steal The Show

Elevate Your Confidence Promo

When it comes to building confidence, consistency is an important key to success. Our 3-month showstopper package includes UNLIMITED access to our studio and drop-in style fusion classes for the price of $139/month.

Ready to commit to a more confident you?

When you commit to 3 months in full, you’ll receive a FREE 1-hour personal training assessment or 1 FREE extra month.

6 Week’s To Summer Challenge

Ready to Transform Your Life in 6 Weeks?

Do you want to: Lose weight, gain strength, and feel amazing? Improve your confidence and self-esteem? Reduce stress and anxiety?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are ready for the Fuse Fitness 6 Week’s To Summer Challenge!

This is a comprehensive program that will help you achieve lasting results in just 6 weeks. This program is delivered in a small group (with 3-6 participants) format to keep you motivated and on track. We have three separate packages tailored to your availability that you can choose from as a part of this program: